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Taxpayers might commit mistakes in tax assessments, and payments and in preserving the required documentations. These mistakes often lead to deficiency assessments, interests, surcharges and sometimes punitive action even for unintentional mistakes or erroneous interpretation or understanding of the law. These unnecessary costs can be avoided though the assistance of tax professionals.
We conduct tax audit review to evaluate your level of compliance with the applicable laws and regulations, advise you on procedures and practices that may not be proper for tax purposes and provide recommendations on possible improvements of tax practices. Wherever deficiencies have been noticed or demands have been raised by authorities we would critically scrutinise and do the due diligence to ensure that all legal protection and remedies available under law are utilised to neutralise possible liabilities or damages. Tax litigations can be painful and cumbersome. With our dedicated team we will provide best service in drafting replies, answering queries, submit statutory replies and provide representation and personal appearances at various fora.We shall be providing end to end legal remedies till the issues under dispute gets final settlement.

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