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Our professional consultants will provide clients with financial and tax-related advice. They can meet with clients telephonically or in-person to discuss their issues. They will educate clients on tax options, including how to legally lower tax liability or how to compute taxes based on their investments. They would organise and collect all relevant information and analyze the same and assist in preparing and complete client tax returns and assist clients in finding the right deductions, credits and adjustments based on their financial situation.
For individuals and businesses with complicated estates, preparing a tax return can be legally and logistically challenging due to the complexity and length of the returns. We provide retainership on annual or multiple years’ basis. Consultancy is also available on a referral basis.
To effectively prepare the return, the tax consultant must collect all relevant information from the client. They must then organize the information to help them file the tax return. These professionals must also be able to gather and analyze necessary information, such as the tax code for the relevant jurisdiction(s) in which the tax return will be filed and any other relevant tax laws or codes. After preparing the return, our consultants would review it with the client to address any questions, concerns or changes that the client may have. There will also be regular updates on latest amendments in the concerned topic. We will be providing efficient and practical solutions given the economic contours.

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